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For almost a year the TRFW Nutrition Committee has been working on An Assessment Of Plant Based Nutrition For Humans and Animals. It promises to be a major tool as we develop our locally based regional food system. With a new to almost everyone pattern for assessing the quality of foods, designed with charts and diagrams in full color, the magazine formatted 70 page document will be released electronically around the first of 2016. We have applied for a grant to fund printing of free copies to be used in workshops that will be held throughout the three county TRFW area during 2016.

The committee consists of 2 Nutritionists, 2 Doctors using plant based foods for work with patients with diabetes, […]

GreenPeace: GMO-Twenty Years of Failure

Why GM crops have failed to deliver on their promises. Our chairperson thought this was worth providing directly on our web site. Please access the full report at:


Seven myths about GM crops, and the truth behind them

MYTH 1: GM crops can feed the world REALITY: There are no GM crops designed to deliver high yields. Genetic engineering is ill-adapted to solve the problems underpinning hunger and malnutrition – it reinforces the industrial agriculture model that has failed to feed the world so far.

MYTH 2: GM crops hold the key to climate resilience REALITY: Genetic engineering lags behind conventional breeding in developing plant varieties that can help agriculture cope with climate change. Climate resilience heavily depends on farming […]

Ten Rivers Web Site Update…

Ten Rivers Food Web is updating and streamlining all of its web site infrastructure components to increase the security and efficiency of our web site. Thank you for your patience if you have experienced recent temporary service interruptions. The overhaul is nearly complete. The changes provide a platform for additional capabilities…coming soon.

E.ON, one of the largest utilities in the world, places ‘green’ H2 in service for the city of Hamburg.

GLADBECK, Germany, Oct. 15, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Hydrogenics Corporation (HYGS) (HYG.TO) (“Hydrogenics” or “the Company”), a leading developer and manufacturer of hydrogen generation and hydrogen-based power modules, today announced that the Company’s 1.5 megawatt PEM electrolyzer energy storage system was officially inaugurated at E.ON’s site in Hamburg, Germany. The Hydrogenics electrolyzer energynews2_content_image_position_right_leftproduces “green” hydrogen using surplus renewable energy produced primarily from wind sources. The hydrogen will be fed into the natural gas grid of the city of Hamburg, thereby providing local citizens with energy which would otherwise be wasted. Power-to-Gas (P2G) applications such as this enable surplus renewable energy, in the form of hydrogen, to be stored and immediately transported via the natural gas grid […]

TRFW and OGC Focus On Carbon Free Food Distribution


IMG_2448(L to R) Anthony Seran, Organically Grown Company, Project Manager; Rob Del Core, Hydrogenics, Director, Business Development, Fuel Cell Power Systems Group; Harry MacCormack, Ten Rivers Food Web, Board President standing beside one of OGC’s fleet of Class 8 trucks.

Many thanks to Anthony for providing from his wealth of operational detail and to Rob for explaining how hydrogen drive trains are today engineered for successful fleet operations in buses and large trucks. John Gentile, TRFW Board Member

From the World Economic Forum 2009 Report:

Supply Chain Decarbonization The Role of Logistics and Transport in Reducing Supply Chain Carbon Emissions

The logistics and Transport Sector has a carbon footprint of around 2,800 megatonnes CO2e. Road […]

National Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Day 10•8

Ten Rivers Food Web’s Food Distribution committee is working with one of the largest fuel cell firms in the world and with Organically Grown Company based in the PNW for a cleaner food transport future.

Firms like Walmart, P&G, Kroger and Newark Farmers Market…and many other top food and retail distributors are converting their material handling capabilities to Hydrogen!

Hydrogen and fuel cell technology is here now

Hydrogen can now be generated from a range of domestic sources.

More than 150,000 fuel cell systems are in operation right now.

Hundreds of businesses in North America are powering facilities, warehouses, and data centers with fuel cells now.

Hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric vehicles are hitting the nation’s […]

Tomatoes: Growing and Preserving


Tomatoes can be a great plant to grow, especially for those with little space. The numerous varieties means there is a type for everybody and every space. While indeterminate tomato plants, which don’t stop growing, work better in larger spaces there are determinate plants that do stop growing. Mid-sized determinate varieties are good options for smaller spaces and will grow well in 6 to 12 inch pots. As we discussed a couple weeks ago in our tomato nutrition post, the nutrients in tomatoes begin to degrade shortly after being picked. Having fresh tomatoes on hand allows you to get the most out of your food.

Growing Requirements: Tomato plants need a warm area with full sun for […]

Fill Your Pantry Corvallis | Sunday, November 1

Ten Rivers Food Web will be hosting the 6th Annual Fill Your Pantry in Corvallis on Sunday, November 1, 2015 in Guerber Hall at the Benton County Fairgrounds (the same building that hosts the Corvallis Indoor Farmers’ Market). Fill Your Pantry will take place from 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM. Online preordering will be available at www.tenriversfoodweb.org/fill-your-pantry during the two-week period between Saturday, October 10 and Saturday, October 24.FillYourPantry

If you haven’t attended a Fill Your Pantry event in the past, you won’t want to miss it this year! Fill Your Pantry is a one-day farmers’ market offering bulk quantities of beans, grains, storage crops, and preserves. We believe this event is a great way to facilitate local eating throughout the fall and winter months. It also allows our local […]

Nutrition in Medicine – Presentation by Dr. Kyle Homertgen

Lecture Flyer

Community Support and Update Letter 10-05-15

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