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Strengthening Our Local Food Web


Only 5% of food consumed in our communities is produced locally. Together, we can do better!

Ten Rivers Food Web is an all volunteer organization. We run two cornerstone events — the Soil Amendment Sale in March and Fill Your Pantry in November — and we are expanding other programming.

​Our mission is to steward the growth of a resilient local food web in Benton, Lincoln, and Linn counties.

We envision a vibrant regional food web where reciprocal relationships sustain a thriving food economy, steward land and water, and produce delicious food to nourish our whole community.

New local food directory!

Ten Rivers Food Web has partnered with Oregon Taste to create a sub-directory of local food available in Benton, Lincoln, and Linn counties that eaters and producers keep asking us for.

Looking to buy more local food? Search the new Ten Rivers Food Directory and use the Filter Listings button to discover 
berries, dairy, fruit, honey, meat, pantry items, seafood, veggies and more!

Know of a producer in this region not already listed? Tell us who by sending an email to:

Huge Thank You to glassy baby for their generous donation that made this all possible!


Our Events


Soil Amendment Sale: Are you a gardener or small farmer? Pre-order organic soil amendments every January, we combine all the orders together to access volume discounts.  You pick-up your order early March at the Benton County Fairgrounds, in a drive through format, and we load up your vehicle. 

Fill Your Pantry: A unique opportunity to buy staple and storage crops in bulk directly from local farmers and eat local all winter.  Offerings include dried beans, grains, onions, potatoes, beets, carrots, squash, a variety of meats, honey and specialty preserves.  Online sales open in October or you can shop entirely in-person in November.

Food Producer Survey

To ensure our new programming ideas would have significant benefits to producers, we surveyed growers, ranchers, fisherpeople and processors in early 2022 and received 94 responses.  

We learned 51-84% of respondents would experience moderate to strong benefit from each of our proposed programs, which is the solid green light we were looking for, and we’ve begun exploring these ideas further. To learn more about what producers had to say, read the full report here.

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